DHV Industries Inc. for the past couple of decades has accumulated a clientele of trusting customers worldwide. DHV provides consistent and reliable valve products to fit some of the most severe and critical applications and services.
Designs and manufactures automatic self-cleaning strainers, simplex, duplex, and cascading strainers, as well as, bag filters and sand filters. To provide a complete line of water filtration equipment, Fluid Engineering also has its own line of cast simplex and duplex strainers

Gardner Denver is established since 1859 is a world-leading manufacturer of craftily engineered and blowers, compressors, for various industrial applications, high pressure reciprocating pumps for water-jetting, mud pumps for oil, gas and water wells drilling production and industrial applications.

GASSO Fluid conduction specialist .
A world renowned manufacturer of Loading Arms, Coupling, Hoses etc

Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co. Ltd.is a subsidiary of Hunan Valin Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. It is a large-scale seamless steel tube & pipe manufacturer in the world and the second largest seamless steel tube & pipe manufacturer in China. Hengsteel was founded in 1958 and now has 5800 employees which include more than 2000 professional engineers, with total assets of RMB 11 billion.
Hengyang covers a broad manufacturing range of seamless, Line Pipes, Oil Well casings, Tubing, API and Premium connections.

Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group  was incorporated in 1999 and now is a public company listed in Shenzhen stock exchange. Jereh is a worldwide leader in providing integrated solutions of oilfield equipment and services for oil and gas drilling, well intervention, well completion, natural gas transportation, natural gas liquefaction, environmental control and EPC services. .

Petro-Techna International (PTIL) ) is a leading Engineering Consulting firm and a single source supplier with the in-house capability to provide complete systems designs, including: process, mechanical, structural, instrumentation, and electrical, and also provide fabrication of a wide range of oil and gas production equipment.

SIRAGA S.A. is specialized in designing, manufacturing & installation of wide range of equipment for LPG cylinder filling & control process.

Guizhou Sinodrills Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a specialised rock drilling tools supplier and exporter. Associating strategically with all top class producers & manufacturers in China, our products had been exported to 72 countries all over the world till 2010. Based on one - stop - shop Philosophy, Sinodrills carries comprehensive range of top hammer drilling products, DTH drilling products, Diamond Exploration Tools and self rock drilling tools, therefore whatever you need, we always can be able to meet you.

The performance driven PDC Bit Company where every run counts.
Ulterra born of two innovative companies; Ulterra and United Diamond merged resources and talents to create a "Major" company with a seriously different attitude toward your business. Our team is the core of our success; we are comprised almost exclusively of people from larger companies. Our facilities are state-of-the-art, enabling us to quickly produce real-time designs and concepts with the highest quality. When we deliver tools to your well site we know they are going to perform! We compete everyday and every run to earn and keep your business.
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Sales & Services International (Pvt.) Ltd., in association with leading international manufacturing and service companies offer to customer the quality equipment and services for oil & gas exploration, drilling production, processing and marketing in Pakistan.
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